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Born in 1953 in Toledo, Spain
Lives and works in Delta, British Columbia, Spain

Pepe Hidalgo predominantly paints with acrylic and sketches. Hidalgo studied fine arts in Utrecht, Netherlands. An important purpose in his work is that it can speak for itself. When we sit, look, and listen, we often find meaning and understanding in what is in front of us. Imagery, symbolism, color, texture, shape, and volume are used to express his thoughts and feelings. Many of his paintings narrate a story, experience, or thought he wants to share with the audience. Just as each individual has their interpretation of events, viewers have their own interpretation depending on their life experiences. Pepe’s work is abstract and figurative narrative. For a painting to be narrative the artist needs to incorporate elements the viewer can identify, this allows them to participate in the narrative of the painting. The paintings are open so the viewer can penetrate the artwork and feel as if they are the creator themselves. This allows people to have different interpretations and give their own meaning to his painting. His objective is finally for people to have a personal and unique experience with his marvelous art.


2022 Seduced by the Muses, Art Couture Gallery, White Rock, BC, Canada
2022 Seduced by the Muses, Colour Art Gallery, North Vancouver, BC, Canada
2022 Cycle of Life, Lipont Gallery, Richmond, BC, Canada
2022 Pepe Hidalgo, Lipont Gallery, Richmond, BC, Canada

2021 Art Gallery of St. Albert, St. Albert, AB, Canada

2020 Origin of Souls, Lipont Gallery, Richmond, BC, Canada
2020 Cultural Centre of Cape Cod, selected for “While We Were Away” online exhibition, South Yarmouth, Massachusetts, USA
2020 Art at the Cave, Washington, USA
2020 Verum Ultimum Art Gallery, Oregon, USA

2019 Shadbolt Centre, BC, Canada
2019 Art at the Cave, Washington, USA
2019 Lipont Gallery, BC, Canada
2019 Michael Wright Art Gallery, BC, Canada
2019 Arts Council of Surrey, Newton Cultural Centre, BC, Canada

2018 Foyer Gallery, Squamish, BC, Canada

2017 Place de Arts Coquitlam, BC, Canada
2017 Abbotsford Community Arts Council, BC, Canada
2017 West Vancouver Community Arts council, Silk Purse Gallery, BC, Canada

2016 The Deer Lake Gallery, The Arts Council of Burnaby, BC, Canada
2015-2017 Participating artist for International Day of the Dead at Granville Island with the recognition of the Mexican Consulate, Vancouver, BC, Canada
2015 The Gallery, The Arts Council of New Westminster, BC, Canada
2014 Smudges Art Shoppe – The Art House on Mill Saint Chilliwack, BC, Canada

2009 Foundation of the Caixa, Santa Cristina D’Aro, Girona, Spain
2000 Exposicion Sala, Huis 13 Tiel, Netherlands
1982 - 2000 individual exhibitions in Spain, Netherlands, Germany & Belgium


2019 Second Place, 2019 POTE: Painting on the Edge, FCA, Title of Painting:
Faust Opera
2019 Artistic Achievement Award, Oil and Water Juried Exhibition, Delta, BC
Title of Painting: My Neighbour Matilda

2018 Second Place, Three Seasons Art Competition, Vinoscenti Vineyards- Clinton Lee
2018 Associate Signature Member Status at the Federation of Canadian Artists
(AFCA) 2017 First Place in Federation of Canadian Artists, Theme: Canvas Unbound
Title of Painting: The Menina

2015 Second Place in Federation of Canadian Artists, Theme: Culture
Title of Painting: Kidnapping Europe

2008 Selection in First Contest de Pintura Libre Fundación Caja Rural Jaén,
Title of Painting: Appearance on Monte Perdido

2001 Selection and Mention of Honor de ZARTE,
Title of painting: De J.R. Sender a Miro Pasando por Picasso

1992 Francisco de Goya Prize, Selection and Exhibition in Conde Duque Sala.
Madrid, SPAIN, Title of painting: Equilibrium in Europe

1985 Second Place “Painting Competition Abroad: Organized by the Ministry of
Work” Utrecht-Madrid, Netherlands-Spain


2020 Art Habens Art Review, Special Edition March 29, 2020

The Violinist
Acrylic on canvas
117 x 152.5 x 4 cm - 46,1 x 60 x 1,6 in

Tell Me
Acrylic on canvas
86,5 x 101,5 x 3 cm - 34,1 x 40 x 1,6 in

My Neighbour Matilda
Acrylic on canvas
121 x 91 x 4 cm - 48 x 35,8 x 1,6 in

Dream of Reason
Acrylic on canvas
86,5 x 101,5 x 4 cm - 34,1 x 40 x 1,6 in