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Born in 1962 in Hubei, China
Lives & works in Beijing, China

Hua Qing is a Chinese male artist born in 1962 in Huaibei, Anhui Province who lives and works in Beijing, China. He is graduated from Anhui Provincial Art School in 1981 and graduated from the Central Academy of Arts and Crafts in 1986 in Beijing. He is considered as the most promising Chinese artist of his generation by critics. His last show in 2022 at the Tianzhu Art Center in Beijing was an enormous success. His series Monkeys are now very popular in the country. Since 1987, he has cooperated with many galleries from different countries. In 90’s, his life and art experiences in Europe and Asia deepened his understanding of western and eastern cultures, and he became more tolerant of and more adaptable to cultural differences. He created unique art language and symbols with his philosophical perception of human thinking and the ever-changing human society. Hua Qing’s art work highlights two important sides – man’s physical look and subliminal thinking. The animal theme, which is closely connected with the evolution of human beings, is an allegorical symbol of his works. Animal images have a lot in common with human beings’ facial characteristics while revealing an underlying masculine wild power. The rational thinking of human beings, as the background, is expressed through mathematical symbols and philosophical sentences, which have been used until now by all courses and fields. The natural state and rational thinking of animals interweave with each other and form a world different from modern society. This time what Hua Qing is trying to break through is the expression of human numerology. This is a “non-human” world. Although the human being is the material carrier of “rationality”, they have their animal features. To some extent, man is like animal and its primitive attributes cannot be forgotten. This is just the basic instinct of human beings that artists intend to evoke, which is not easy to discipline under civilized constructions. It was born because of “nature” and cannot be controlled by social mechanism, which foreshows the irreversible and unchangeable foreordination of human beings. Hua Qing’s works, with both sensibility and rationality as well as both animal attributes and social attributes, forms a forceful conflict and releases the artist’s acute feelings and strong emotions in a particular way. His rhetorical questions towards human beings’ capabilities of continual improving the advanced society and civilized world indicate his attitude of confronting the laws of nature in man’s destiny.

Solo Exhibitions

2022 Beijing University Resources Tianzhu Art Center, Beijing, China

2020 Jiaxing Art Museum Huaqing Art Exhibition, Jiaxing, China
2020 Encounter, Huaqing Art Works and Persian Carpet Art Dialogue, Huaqing, China

2019 Art Beijing Huaqing Art Exhibition, Huaqing, China
2019 Human Fairy Tale Parkview Green Gallery, Beijing, China
2019 Huaqing 2019 Art Beijing Beijing Art Fair, Beijing, China

2018 Hua Qing Works Exhibition Nanman Art Singapore, Singapore
2018 Hua Qing’s new works, Jinge Art Center, Beijing, China

2016 The Way Out" Parkview Parkview Green Art Gallery, Beijing, China
2016 Fun Hua Qing Works Exhibition Gallery, Beijing, China

2015 The Upanishad of Man" Second Exhibition, Hua Qing Solo Exhibition, Beijing
2015 Yang International, Art Center 798, Beijing, China

2013 The Twelve Faces of Man, 2013 Hua Qing Works Exhibition, Asia Art Center, Taipe, Taiwan
2012 People·Objects, 2012 Huaqing New Works Exhibition Beijing 798 Asia Art Center, Beijing, China
2011 Numerology, Huaqing Art Exhibition Asia Art Center Beijing 798, Beijing, China
2010 Thinking Hua Qing Solo Exhibition, Megumi Ogita Gallery, Tokyo, Japan
2009 Hua Qing Works Exhibition, Opera Gallery, Hong Kong, S.A.R of China
2008 The Upanishad of Man, Huaqing 2008 Asia Art Center Beijing 798, Beijing, China
2004 Huaqing Taiwan Style Oil Painting Exhibition, Mingguan Art Center, Hsinchu, Taiwan
1999 Huaqing Taiwan Landscape Works Exhibition, Beizhuang Art Center, Yonghe, Taiwan

1991 Hua Qing’s solo exhibition, Grafck Kolitiv Gallery, Belgrade, Yugoslavia
1991 Hua Qing Works Exhibition Studio Galerije Forum Gallery, Zagreb, Croatia
1991 SKC Gallery, Ljubljana, Slovenia

1987 Beijing Artists Association Gallery, Beijing Concert Hall, Beijing, China

Group Exhibition

2019 Harbour Art Fair, Hong Kong, S.A.R of China

2018 Shenzhen Art Fair Nomination Exhibition, Shenzen, China
2018 Contextual Culture, History and Tradition from a Contemporary Perspective, Bonn, Germany

2017 The 11th Florence International Contemporary Art Biennale Earth Creativity and Sustainability, Florence, Italy
2017 Paris Grand Royal Art Wealth Salon, Post-Orientalism Chinese Theme Contemporary Painting Exhibition
Paris, France

2016 China-Italy Biennale Beijing, Beijing, China
2014 China-Italy Biennale, Turin, Italy
2013 The 55th Venice Biennale Parallel Exhibition China Independent Project "Culture Spiritual Generation" Venice, Italy

2012 Art Beijing Fair Asia Art Center, Beijing, China
2012 Jet Difference, 2012 Sino-German Cultural Exchange Exhibition, Hannover, Germany

2008 Bridge Art Fair New York, USA
2008 Blue Dot Asia Expo Seoul South Korea
2008 China Now Now2, Amsterdam Art Fair, Amsterdam, Netherlands
2008 Crossroads, Opera gallery, Singapore

2007 Tian Xingjian, Frontier Exhibition of Chinese Contemporary Art, Asia Art Center, Beijing China
2007 The World Is Not, Doosan Arts Center Asia Art Center, Beijing, Seoul South Korea

2006 Moving Socialism, 798 Temporal Space, Beijing China
2006 Red Star Red Star Red Star, Nine-Person Exhibition, Red Star Gallery, Beijing China
2006 Ready to Move, Zhu Jizhan Art Museum, Shanghai, China
2006 Free Travel Osage Museum, Hong Kong, S.A.R of China

1998 Beijing Art Fair, Beijing China
1993 Ljubljana International Print Biennale, Ljubljana, Slovenia
1989 SOAS Art Center, Vienna, Austria
1989 Osaka International Art Biennale, Osaka Japan


1991 Roqaska Slatina International Art Excellence Award, Kungota, Slovenia

Illustration of a Living Being: Disaster, Love, Salvation & Sublimation
oil on canvas
380 x 1000 x 6 cm - 149,6 x 393,7 x 2,3 in

Perpetual Motion Machine
oil on canvas
210 x 300 x 6 cm - 82,6 x 118,1 x 2,3 in

My Hometown
oil on canvas
160 x 260 x 6 cm - 63 x 102,3 x 2,3 in

Walking on a Distant Glacier
oil on canvas
300 x 400 x 6 cm - 118,1 x 157,4 x 2,3 in

Who I am ?
oil on canvas
200 x 230 x 6 cm - 78,7 x 90 x 2,3 in

A Mystic Paradise
oil on canvas
180 x 180 x 6 cm - 70,8 x 70,8 x 2,3 in